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The Full Story


A few years ago, I was suffering from severe depression. All I craved was an escape from the pain but I found no freedom. Rather than continuing to search for a needle in a haystack, I decided to make my own needle. I created a safe haven for myself.


I refused to further succumb to this darkness and lose myself: I began surrounding myself with positivity. I sought comfort and support from others who went through similar experiences. I used art to and dance to express myself. With the stories I have heard and what I went through, I have learned that loving others unconditionally is much easier than holding hatred because hatred hurts oneself more than another. This therapy helped me find the path to recovery.


Due to the pain I have suffered from and the ignorance I have witnessed, I want to create a safe place where people can learn more about mental health, and gain the resources and support they want or need to help conquer mental illness. Thus, Bleu Rozes Organization was born.


~Bhuvana Bharadwaj, Founder and President

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